Foods that might tamper with your testosterone level

Foods that might tamper with your testosterone levelJust like everything else, technology has also taken a toll on the quality of sex. As Internet, Smart phones, or computers take more and more space in our lives, there’s a lot that’s going out. For example, outdoor games, laughter-filled hangouts with friends, and quality sex.

Lack of physical activity is quite evident in our lives and increasing rates of obesity and other similar problems indicate that it is taking a serious toll on our health. And to make the matters worse, we have stopped eating healthy diet, and we are getting more dependent on junk, non-healthy stuff. These food items are not just bad for your mind and body; they can also affect your sexual desire and performance in bed.

Testosterone is a hormone that directly affects the sperm production, and the desire to have sex. If you are eating a lot of bad food, you should know that amongst many other health related problems, you might also suffer from low testosterone levels. You may consider best natural test booster to deal with this problem.

Fast Food:

It’s funny how people label it as Junk Food and still continue to eat more and more of it. Fast foods like burgers or hotdogs are often made of processed low grade meat. Even French fries are bad, because they come with loads of trans-fats that will seriously harm your testosterone levels, as well as sperm quality.


If you are consuming alcohol just once or twice a day in moderate level, it might not be seen as an addiction, but even such moderate quantities can lower your testosterone levels. So it’s better to avoid alcohol, especially when you are looking to conceive. Vitrix gnc is known for its testosterone boosting properties, you can read the online reviews before making a decision.

Soy Products:

You might be surprised at how badly soy products can affect the testosterone or libido level for men. If you have food items like soy milk, or soybeans in your diet, it’s better to avoid and go for a soy free diet.

Soda & Energy Drinks:

Talking of the foods, it is important to keep an eye on what you are drinking. All those soda drinks, or energy drinks that you have been using can have an adverse affect. Even the energy drink that is supposed to give you energy boost (because of the caffeine) will eventually do more damage, because you will feel listless after some time.

Snacks & Cookies:

All those cakes, bakery items, snacks, and cookies that you are eating in breakfast or at tea time, these are all processed food and so they will do more harm to your body than good. And the worst part is, you are missing out on the food like eggs, milk, and whole grain oatmeal because of these times.

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